Three minutes of kindness and wisdom.  (Magic of a sort, but the actual magic follows.)

How do we get the good people of Poland to embrace that kindness and wisdom?  (Or the good people of Russia, Chechnya, and so many other places?)

Rémy Bonny writes:

Last week, I was in Warsaw to evaluate the presidential election campaign. Poland’s president Andrzej Duda called the LGBTI-movement more harmful than communism . . . [and] immediately after the election, the anti-LGBTI campaign by the government continued.

An LGBTI-activist was detained at her home in the early morning. And prominent politicians called to declare the whole of Poland an ‘LGBTI Free Zone’. Poland’s prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki gave a press conference where he announced that he will start the procedure to establish an international convention to defend traditional family values . . .

Poland receives international support for their bigotry war from various international partners. It ranges from American evangelicals to Russian intelligence organisations. The main anti-LGBTI NGO in Poland, Ordo Iuris, receives direct support from Kremlin-linked oligarchs like Konstantin Malofeev and Vladimir Yakunin.

And now . . .

Talk about being flexible!  (Thanks, Alan!)


Do NOT play cards with this guy.  (Thanks, David!)



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