George Will does not write at an eight-grade level (my favorite level — Tom Sawyer!  Robinson Crusoe!  To Kill A Mockingbird!) but his columns are always worth the effort.

Halfway through this one, he offers a 20-second video of the Vice President’s “canine devotion” to Trump that, Will archly notes, “is a sufficient Pence biography.”

It is 20 seconds long only because it repeats the 10-seconds.

Tomorrow, Will concludes, “the members of the Hawley-Cruz cohort will violate the oath of office in which they swore to defend the Constitution from enemies ‘foreign and domestic.’ They are its most dangerous domestic enemies.”

Mike Watts:Jimmy Carter: Rock And Roll President re-airs on CNN at 10 PM (EST) this Saturday — FREE!”

“Set your VCR,” as we used to say.  If you like Dylan and the Allman Brothers, John Wayne, Aretha Franklin, Dolly, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Buffett and a story of good old-fashioned church-going Georgia values, you’ll enjoy it.  Thanks, CNN.

Has Georgia broken Washington’s gridlock so we have a chance of coming together to do things most Republicans and Democrats want?

Like putting millions of Americans to work at good jobs revitalizing our infrastructure?  Allowing millions to refinance their federal student loans at today’s low interest rates?  Enacting sensible gun safety measures?  (Even NRA members strongly favor those!)

As we wait to see, read George Will — and set your VCR.


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