There is a reason most Russians have dashboard cameras — and reasons you should too.

But there is no accounting for the way so many Russians walked away from these accidents.  Yikes!


A day after presenting to the IATA conference, described here yesterday, WheelTug’s CEO flew to New York to present at the Cowen “36th Annual Aerospace/Defense Conference & Transport One-on-One Forum” — invited back after debuting there last year.

The 15 companies presenting Thursday were Textron (market cap $12 billion), Science Applications International ($2 billion), Allegiant Travel ($3 billion), TYCO ($17 billion), Northrop Grumman ($32 billion), ICF International ($750 million), Vectrus ($300 million), Cytec Industries ($3 billion), Embraer ($6 billion), Booz Allen Hamilton ($4 billion), Spirit Aerosystems ($6 billion), KLX ($4 billion), Harris Corporation ($8 billion),  Honeywell ($79 billion) . . .

. . . and tiny WheelTug.

Which was given a generous introduction as, “something everybody will know about in a few years.”

Maybe, maybe not.  But it’s nice to think so.



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