Proving yet again that it’s dumb to underestimate the ability of “the powers that be” to deal with known problems, even big ones; and that the real problems are the ones that come out of left field.

(The date at top left initially read “Monday, January 3, 3900,” but it was remarkably easy for my eagle-eyed webmaster to spot and fix, before any of you awoke to see it, clap palms to foreheads, and imagine you had overslept by 1900 years.)

I say again, as I did at the end of the last millennium: Happy New Year. (And, yes, to all of you who wrote: we know that, technically, this isn’t really the start of the new millennium, inasmuch as the first year of the first millennium was One, not Zero. We also know the Eiffel Tower didn’t literally blast off into space; it just appeared to, if you used your imagination. This was good enough for us. You can celebrate the millennium next year, if you like; we’ve had enough.)


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