Ever feel powerless?

Maybe you just haven’t set the pieces up right.

This minute-long clip is akin to the butterfly’s flapping wings in Africa that cause a hurricane to hit Palm Beach.

Except I have my doubts that’s actually possible (and no, frogs DO jump out of water when it gets too hot).

But THIS you can see with your own eyes.


You can do anything.

Or, well — this guy can.  (Thanks, Joey!)

And just when we were having fun . . .

American Catastrophe Through German Eyes.

. . . The president says he wants to protect law-abiding citizens. In 1933, after the Reichstag burned, Hitler issued the “Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of People and State” as his means to seize power. . .

Everyone who loves democracy needs to read the whole piece.

I don’t mean to harp . . . but I do mean to harp.  Everything hangs in the balance in a few weeks.

If you’ve done all you can — THANK YOU!  If you can do more, join George Clooney and President Obama today or Skiers and Snowboarders, featuring Jill Biden Wednesday.  Or this one on climate Thursday with Al Gore.

Or skip the Zooms and just click here.




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