Executive summary: An acre planted with corn can produce 18 gallons of oil a year; an acre of palm, 700 gallons; an acre of algae – the green slimy stuff – 20,000 gallons. Watch a scientist in a white coat explain how it all works. Or read about its promise – including this:’algae can gobble up pollutants from sewage and power plants.’

Twenty years from now, as I’ve suggested, a lot of today’s energy problems could be behind us. It’s getting from here to there that will hurt.


If it’s June, it must be time for designers to show the clothes that will be on sale next December – the so-called ‘resort’ line, for when you need something to wear on that quick trip to Anguilla. ‘Charles Nolan goes for an Americana motif, rolling out a charming collection of short shorts, pedal pushers and breezy little dresses in – what else? – a red, white and blue palette.’ – Women’s Wear Daily


In contrast to some of yesterday‘s posts:

Matt Nosanchuk: ‘I have been toiling on the Florida/Michigan issue for [Florida Senator] Bill Nelson [a Hillary supporter] for nine months and was at the Rules & By-Laws Committee hotel for 13 hours Saturday. I am a walking conflict or convergence of interests – as a Nelson staffer, an Obama supporter in my individual capacity, a native Michigander, and Michigan Senator [and Hillary supporter] Carl Levin’s nephew-in-law through my ex-wife! In the end, I thought the outcome of the meeting was essentially fair in the case of both states.’

Jordan, aide to a famous TV personality who worked hard raising money for Hillary (when I emailed my condolences): ‘We are far from devastated. Sen. Obama is such a breath of fresh air, and is terrific. I think Sen. Clinton would have been better in many ways once she got into office, but as a candidate and a persona he has been amazing. I think he’ll win and be a great president.’

The entrepreneur next to me at a $28,500-a-plate dinner last night: ‘I never was moved by a candidate before. Not Ronald Reagan, not Bill Clinton. I never participated. But this guy is a once-in-a-century politician. This guy can change the world. You can’t meet him and walk away untouched.’

John Grund: ‘I like your plan to manage your anger by doing – in this case, doing to get Democrats elected. In the meantime, you might like one of my favorite quotes from St. Augustine: ‘Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are.’ I think the anger in the party shows we all still have hope. Let’s turn it into courage, too.’


From MinnPost.com:

The crowd kept pouring into the Xcel Energy Center. All ages. All races. All backgrounds. Young Somalis chanting “O-bama!” And older, white women, bedecked in sparkling red, white and blue and holding up a sign, “Women for Obama!”

But most noticeable was the arrival of such people as Buck Humphrey, who once had headed Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Minnesota campaign. And Jackie Stevenson, a DFL activist, a feminist and a Clinton-supporting superdelegate, who at the last minute had changed her mind about attending the event. And St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, who was a Clinton supporter until sometime Monday. And Rick Stafford, another Clinton superdelegate.

Former Secretary of State Joan Growe was there. And Minneapolis City Council President Barbara Johnson. And a couple of dozen other people who had invested so much energy into Clinton’s campaign.

Their presence at the event where Barack Obama declared victory shows that, at least in Minnesota, the political healing process already is beginning. . . .


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