I read The Bridge At Andau not long after Russia crushed the Hungarian Revolution.

I was 11.

It made a big impression.

When the Wall fell in 1989, 33 years after those events at the Bridge, Hungary was finally free of Russian domination.

It’s not surprising Hungary takes Ukraine’s side against Russia today, as Russia seeks to subjugate Ukraine.

Yet Hungary’s leader, Victor Orbán — up for reelection April 3 — shares some of Putin’s own anti-democratic leanings.

Trump and Tucker Carlson endorse him.

Back in 1956, Russia’s communist tyranny was enforced by the KGB.

Today, its kleptocratic tyranny is still enforced by the KGB (renamed the FSB).

Carlson’s pro-Russia clips have been widely circulated.

He’s entirely on board with Orbán.

The KGB has changed its name but is still the KGB.

Molotov cocktails in the streets of Budapest have been replaced by Molotov cocktails in the streets of Kyiv but the brutality of Russia’s leadership has not changed.

And Trump sees Putin’s invasion as “genius.”



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