Here’s why:

The power of money — which he will spend to defeat Trump no matter who shines on the debate stage tonight.

Tom: “Billionaires are buying elections.  Bloomberg is said to have 13 or so billion, and DJT about 6 or 7.  THE DIFFERENCE?  When DJT descended the escalator, he outlined an agenda and met daily with voters.  Bloomberg has very little contact with the voters.  His agenda: WE HATE TRUMP.  Guess what?  Trump will destroy him.”

→ Interesting that our different views extend even to the candidates’ net worth.  You live in a world where Trump is worth $6 billion and Bloomberg $13 billion.  I live in a world where Trump’s billionaire status is likely but questionable (after having been fined $2 million for his non-philanthropy) and Bloomberg’s net worth is commonly agreed to be $60 billion (even after having given away $10 billion).  As for his agenda and message, you need only click here to see he has a lot on his mind besides being appalled by Trump.

To avoid Trump’s reelection — whoever heads our ticket — we need to avoid these three mistakes Mitt Romney made in 2012.

Oh — and here’s a good question:




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