Talk about a great holiday gift for the frequent flier who has everything (unless everything includes a private jet; in that case they don’t need this) – how about a special line to breeze through airport security? It’s Fly Clear, at $99 a year, and works, at this early stage, in airports like those in New York and San Francisco . . . with many more, let’s hope, to come.


We were doing so well! And may still be, but some folks sold more than 1.5 million HAPNW warrants yesterday, presumably thinking (or perhaps even knowing) that the deal won’t go through, pushing the warrant price down a dime to 16 cents. We may indeed lose all our money. But if the company could postpone the vote to October 10, as it did, why not push it off another two weeks, if need be . . . all the while finding people willing to buy out holders-of-record-August 6 (who are the people to get to vote, even if they’ve already sold their shares) in return for those holders-of-record agreeing to vote our way?

Will this happen? Very possibly not, judging from the warrant price. But I’m in for the duration with money I can afford to lose. Back to my nap.

Have a great weekend.


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