Jack Rivers: ‘I would love for the eventual nominee to make that speech. As we all know, it will never happen. Just like John Kerry should have responded to the swift boat attacks like Michael Douglas in ‘American President,’ but the consultants won’t let them. It makes me wonder why. If it sounds so good, and if Al Gore is so popular just being himself, why is that ‘unelectable’?’

‘As we all know, it will never happen.’ We don’t all know that, at all.


You’re thinking, ‘why isn’t Andy writing a full column today – what is this, France, with six-week vacations?’ But I’m thinking, ‘why haven’t you gone to see SiCKO? Better that I write little or nothing this week to avoid cutting into time you might otherwise have to see the movie. I need to know which severed digit you would choose to reattach. Write me!’


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