Trump on the debt ceiling.

Under two minutes.


As to his claim about the Debt itself, it should be noted that:

> Clinton handed Bush a budget surplus.

> Bush handed Obama an enormous deficit and a collapsing economy.

> Obama turned all that around, handing Trump a debt that was shrinking relative to the economy as a whole.

> Trump reversed that, handing Biden a ginormous deficit and a collapsing economy.

> Biden is in the process of turning it all around again.

> The debt Obama added was necessary to save the world economy.

> The debt Bush and Trump added was incurred to give the wealthy tax cuts.

> The debt Biden is now racking up is an investment in reinvigorating our infrastructure, decarbonizing our economy, and reducing our strategic dependence on China.

That said, Trump was absolutely right about the debt ceiling.


I wonder why he’s not instructing the party he controls to scrap it altogether.



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