When you walk or drive, your weight, or your vehicle’s weight, would press down on a little gizmo (piezmo?) that generates electricity. The concept is to have such generating pads at high traffic locations like subway entrances – or to embed such systems as we repave roads. “Utterly ridiculous,” responds one skeptical commenter. “The amount of energy that can be harvested is tiny compared with the investment required.”


The linked post above is short on numbers, possibly because the math just doesn’t work out. This post, by contrast, is all about the numbers, as you consider whether to go LED; and makes the case that the quality of available LEDs varies dramatically. It includes a buying guide.


Well, it seems my pal Brad Gooch actually knows the Ground Zero imam – who apparently is no more threatening than, say, Dr. Phil. (The imam’s wife’s name is Daisy. The imam went to Columbia. The imam is exactly the kind of peace-preaching Muslim leader we’ve been saying we want speaking out – so we’ve been sending him around the world to speak out). So I went to read Brad’s piece and discovered that one of the imam’s principal patrons is a woman I dated in high school.

Kevin Bacon is likely to appear at any moment.


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