I included this link Friday (“Ed Is Depressed”), but in case you missed it, it lets your Romney-leaning uncle enter his zip code to see what the last few years have brought him and his neighbors, whether as to jobs or health  care or energy and more.

If he still can’t stomach voting for the President, because he’s just spent too much time in the Fox News Rush Limbaugh alternative universe, remind him that the Republican austerity budget would out-Hoover Hoover and plunge the country, and with it the world, into depression.  So would he please at least not vote?


Repeating from yesterday.  This is the video to put on your Facebook page and send your whole list.  Why Obama Now.  And could you take a minute to remind your uncle that if Obama is a Kenyan Marxist, then Kenyan Marxists make for pretty good stock markets (ours has doubled in the past three years) and pretty amazing corporate earnings (now at record highs).


. . . then he can save big money buying new glasses on-line from Warby Parker.  I’ve mentioned this before, but after “60 Minutes” aired Sunday it became clear why I save hundreds of dollars on each pair I buy:  An Italian firm called Luxotica owns most of the famous frame brands and also much of the distribution network, like Lenscrafters, so they largely control pricing.  The mark-ups are breathtaking.

Warby Parker is expanding into wire frames and “progressives” (what used to be bifocals), and I’m a beta tester!  I have no financial interest in the company, but love saving 75% or 80%.  And I love that for each pair of glasses they sell, they provide a pair free to one of the billion or so folks around the world who currently lack access.


So alarmed are the Republicans that Ohioans might be able to vote as easily as they did in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and in this summer’s 2012 primary — instead of with the nightmarish 10-hour lines that African Americans and students had to endure in 2004 and that cost Kerry Ohio which gave us four more years of Bush — that they have are determined to make it hard again.  And when a court said they could not do that, they appealed.  And now that the appeals court has agreed, they are appealing again, to the Supreme Court.  Because there are few things more American, apparently, if you’re a Republican, than making it difficult to vote.  Please ask your uncle how he can stomach being associated with people like this.  (Yes, even this Supreme Court will presumably not find in their favor; but that still gives the Republicans a double win.  First, by keeping everything up in the air until the last minute, it makes it harder to plan for and run the election smoothly.  Second, the appeal gives the Court a way to look moderate and impartial, in contrast to the 2000 Florida Bush v. Gore decision, when in fact this is anything but a moderate, impartial Court.)


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