I’m glad Netanyahu is going and deeply hope Israel and the world can find a way to help the Palestinian people not want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.  Their plight is awful — and their Arab brothers and sisters have done little to help.

That said, consider sharing this speech with friends you know who’ve begun to side with Hamas.

I assumed it was delivered last week, but sent it to a friend for context.

“This is a 7-year old speech by Yair Lapid,” he replied, “the center-left leader who is forming the coalition government to replace Netanyahu. (His coalition partner Naftali Bennett, a right-wing nationalist, is going to be Prime Minister first, for two years, followed by Lapid.) The translation of the title text is Finance Minister Yair Lapid at a ceremony in Germany — the full speech.  It’s a good speech, and I admire Lapid. But…how on earth did you come across this? Feels quite random.”

Not exactly random.  It came yesterday from the same Jewish Trump supporter who sent me Hitler’s photo on my birthday (“You share the same birthday and ideas!”) and whose almost daily emails are — with rare exception — illogical, ill-informed, and/or insulting.  This was that rare exception, and I’m grateful for it.

We all have so much common ground.

And such an urgent need to find it.

I’m hoping that the “national conversation” linked to yesterday takes hold.

[Lapid’s speech, which asks . . . “what would you have done?” . . . runs 14 minutes, but just 11 if you click YouTube’s “gear” icon and set the speed to 1.25.]


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