But first:

Imagine your brother visiting after decades of marriage to his second wife to tell you that soon . . . are you sitting down? . . . he would be your sister.  It is the thoroughly human story that film critic Molly Haskell tells with a combination of objectivity and love.  If you’re not yet comfortable with “trans” folks, you might enjoy getting to know Ellen.  Far from being scary in any way, I think you’ll find yourself rooting for her.

And now:

What the framers meant by “high crimes and misdemeanors.”  Well worth the read.  They really did think this through.

Trump very much qualifies.

He has ceded Asia to China, by ditching the meticulously negotiated TransPacific Partnership; ceded the Middle East to Russia; driven family farmers to suicide with “easy to win” trade wars; abdicated American leadership, leaving the world rudderless.

One might argue that any one of these rises to the level of a misdemeanor.

But even if not, there are the multiple felonies for obstruction of justice; multiple instances of obstruction of Congress; and — one imagines — multiple crimes and misdemeanors all this obstruction is meant to conceal.

Those like Lindsey Graham who agree Trump’s being “lynched” have lost their minds or sold their souls — or both.  Here and here.



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