• Do you have any idea how long a grapefruit stays good in the refrigerator? It’s amazing.
  • The solar panels I installed last July have generated 4,066 kilowatt hours – nearly $900 worth. I can tap an app on my iPhone from anywhere in the world to see how much I’m generating right now (2880 watts).
  • There being 8,766 hours in a year, I’ve averaged about 450 watts an hour – way more at noon than at midnight, obviously – which is enough to keep four-and-a-half 100-watt light bulbs burning 24/7 all year. Which I would never do. By way of reference, a ceiling fan might draw 88 watts, my light bulbs draw 23 watts or less, and I never use the dishwasher (about which I have written importantly before). Here’s an idea of the power stuff draws. I got so freaked out watching my electric meter spin when the dryer was on that now, when possible, I dry my towels and sheets on the roof deck.
  • This inexpensive Lasko fan all but makes air conditioning unnecessary. Just put it near the bed and sleep in the quiet breeze. Changed my life. (The little remote control is handy when the wind chill gets too intense.)
  • Someone gave me 10 terrific big, bright American flag beach towels. But . . . can I use them? Is it disrespectful to use the flag in this way? Officially, it may be. For example, “The flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water, or merchandise.” But that’s for actual American flags. These are, unmistakably, towels. Discuss.


John Kasley: “Please remember never to say, ‘recession’ without saying, ‘Bush recession.’ You can remind Donna Brazile as well. She’s frequently on TV and there are many opportunities to simply add the word ‘Bush.’ When people complain about bringing up the Bush name, remind them that brand names live on after their creators retire, e.g. Ford. Eventually, some of the media will use it, if only in quoting people who have said it. It’s like the tax cuts for the wealthy are the Republican tax cuts for the wealthy. I’m sulking because I sent emails saying this a few years ago and they didn’t get picked up in the optimism that BHO would end the recession in six weeks. Had it become part of the normal lexicon, it might have changed the tenor of some conversations today.”

Bob Diem: “Have you seen the documentary ‘Boogie Man’ about Lee Atwater? I came of age in the eighties, but I never had any idea how influential this man was, and how he has spawned so much of the bankrupt political culture we have today.”


Guru: “The FDA today wrote to DVAX indicating that DVAX had met the lot consistency standard, as I expected they would. ‘Lot consistency’ was the primary endpoint that DVAX “missed” a week or so ago–except as I indicated, they didn’t truly miss it, though there was a technicality that required them to word the press release as they did. They can now proceed to file for approval on the recently completed trial that showed dramatic superiority to the standard Hep B vaccine by the end of the year. I expect the CDC to recommend universal Hep B vaccination for diabetics in October and I expect a positive study early in 2012 in kidney dialysis patients. Target for the stock over the next 6 to 12 months is 6 or higher.”


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