This is your Valentine’s Day column.  (Sunday is Valentine’s Day!)

Monday there will be no column. It’s President’s Day!  The stock market will be closed!

(For your President’s Day column, please see yesterday — conservative David Brooks on our wonderful President.)

And who knows whether there’ll be any columns the rest of the week either. I’ll be in Canada!


Which is why Wednesday I pitched the TravelPass feature you should definitely activate if Verizon is your wireless provider.  (And a reason to switch, if it’s not.)

But — are you still with me? — this is your Valentine’s Day column:

The cast of Hamilton performing What I Did For Love 40 years after A Chorus Line debuted on the same stage.


And, while we’re at it, remember The Only Relationship Guide You’ll Ever Need:  “Be nice to each other (as I’m sure you already are) and find humor in the compromises (as I’m sure you already do) — they’re worth it.”

That’s it.



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