If you want to put millions to work revitalizing our crumbling infrastructure, just vote Democrat up and down the ticket next month.

(The Republican Congress blocked it.)

If you earn minimum wage and want a 40% raise — or you earn way more but want to see the economy boosted and inequality moderated — take a couple of hours to vote Democrat.

(The Republican Congress blocks it.)

If you want your LGBT friends to have the same protections you do — so they can’t be fired Monday when the boss finds out they were married Sunday — vote Democrat.

(The Senate passed ENDA 64-32 but House Republicans blocked it.)

If you want to enact the comprehensive immigration reform economists say would boost our economy, and that passed the Senate 68-32 — and that would improve millions of lives — vote Democrat.

(The Republican Congress blocked that, too.)

If you agree with these military experts that climate change threatens our national security — Trump and the Republican “science” chairs in the Senate and House believe it is a hoax — vote Democrat up and down the ticket.

If you want abortion to be rare — but safe and legal . . .

If you want to see sensible gun-safety laws enacted . . .

If you want voting to be made easier for people, not harder . . .

If you want to break the gridlock and get America really moving again . . .

. . . vote Democrat up and down the ticket.

Again: It’s not rocket science. And what an amazing outcome we could have.

Click here to vote, here to volunteer, here to contribute — and here to see what Republicans are saying about Trump and Clinton.



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