The sixth of seven Bag Man podcasts dropped yesterday and I’m telling you: you must listen to this series.  Some of my young friends don’t even know who Spiro Agnew was; others, like me, had no idea how dramatic the real, full story was.

Until now.

What do you do when there’s a criminal in the White House (the Vice President) who is vehemently denying all the allegations (though true) and attacking the press and the prosecutors for conducting a witch hunt?

And what do you do when that criminal might very well become President, because the actual President at the time — Richard “I am not a crook” Nixon — was also in serious jeopardy of being removed from office?

Nixon, it turns out, was guilty of treason, in President Johnson’s view, that ultimately cost 20,000 American lives (all of which you can preview in the final two minutes of this clip).  And that’s not even the Watergate affair and cover up he was impeached for!

Oh — and here’s another question: what do you do when there’s a criminal in the White House and the majority of the Senate, though representing a minority of the citizenry,* just doesn’t care?

The answer to that one I hope we never have to find out.  At some point soon, if it turns out the honesty of the President has to be weighed against the honesty of Robert Mueller, the FBI, and the Intelligence Community, I hope Republican Senators will — however reluctantly — give more weight to the latter.

The final line of Episode Six of Bag Man will knock your socks off for its relevance to today.  But don’t cheat: start at the beginning, with Episode One.

*Need I remind you that Idaho and Wyoming have as many senators as California and New York?



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