The storming of the Capitol in Washington is a wake-up call for states around the world, writes the mayor of London.

. . . Many around the world have long warned that it could end this way, or worse. Trump followed the playbook of the fascist dictators and strongmen that came to power in the 1930s and 40s.

Trump pitted his own citizens against each other. He preyed on genuine economic suffering. He lied to stoke fear of those who are different. He denied basic scientific facts about Covid-19 and refused to act to save lives and jobs. He separated children from their parents. He used people’s religion as a reason to ban them from coming to the US. He gave equivalence to far-right racists and anti-racist protesters. He denigrated women and denied many the right to choose what they do with their body.

And he also undermined and delegitimised the fundamental pillars of democracy – equality under the law, the freedom of the press, an independent judicial system and, ultimately, even elections themselves.

Tragically, the warnings were deliberately ignored by too many supposedly mainstream politicians, commentators and observers around the world, including here in the UK. Some greedily eyed an opportunity for their own advancement, which they valued more than the long-term health of democracy. Others were simply too scared of the consequences of doing the right thing and challenging the ugly new populist and nativist political movements that Trump spawned.  . . .

Worth reading in full.

As you know, Trump’s dad was arrested at a Ku Klux Klan rally.

Trump himself — not a big reader — kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bedside.

And called torch-carriers chanting “Jews will not replace us” “very fine people.”

Among the visuals at Trump’s rally last week were Confederate flags and 6MWE sweatshirts.

Go home, we love you, you’re very special,” he later chastised those attempting to overthrow the election and possibly kill the Vice President and Speaker of the House.

In case you didn’t know, 6MWE is short for “6 Million Weren’t Enough.”

I’m wondering what Trump backers Sheldon Adelson and Benjamin Netanyahu think about that.

If you missed Arnold Schwarzenegger yesterday, watch.  He is a Republican who knows fascism when he sees it — and he is angry

Here’s Stephen Colbert’s take from that night, in case you’re not one of the 10 million who have already seen it.  He’s angry, too.

You know who else is angry?  Joy Reid.  If you have friends or relatives annoyed with the Black Lives Matter movement — “because all lives matter” — share her two minutes.

Just as the 1964 murders of Goodman, Schwerner, and Chaney and the 1965 brutality televised from the Edmund Pettus Bridge opened the eyes of millions of decent white people to realities it had been more comfortable not to notice, so may the events of January 6 open the eyes of millions of Trump supporters.

You don’t have to share Democratic views to hate fascism, dishonesty, indecency, cruelty and treason.

Attacking the United States Capitol and threatening the lives of its occupants is treason.



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