Paris is known for climate change.  Its winters, when it drizzles; its summers, when it sizzles; and its Climate Accords that, thanks to in good measure to American leadership, all the nations of the world signed onto except Syria and Nicaragua . . . the latter because they felt it was too weak.  As described here, “Even North Korea signed, along with 194 other nations, and North Korea is completely insane and run by a tiny-brained, quasi-dictator man-baby with an enormous head and puny hands and… oh wait.”

What an embarrassment Trump is.  Doing their best to ignore him, American usiness leaders and governors and mayors representing $6.2 trillion of the American economy have issued their own statement, signing on to the Accords.  And that already long list — at We Are Still In —  is likely to grow.

Speaking of climate nightmares, Bryan Norcross has written My Hurricane Andrew Story: The story behind the preparation, the terror, the resilience, and the renowned TV coverage of the Great Hurricane of 1992, reviewed here. (“Truly riveting.”)  Disaster though it was, had Andrew hit just 10 miles to the north, half a million homes would have been destroyed or damaged, 1.6 million Miamians left homeless.

(And speaking of Paris, those of you following WheelTug may be interested in this short video from last week’s Paris Air Show.  The voice-over has not yet been added, but there’s still much to see.  I especially like the “pyramid of tasks” you’ll find at 1:04, and how WheelTug cuts it down to size.)



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