Why have I been holding back on you? Because by the time I decided ‘30 Rock‘ was fun enough to recommend, the first few episodes had already aired. (I’m a firm believer in experiencing great art as it was intended to be experienced. You will not catch me in the Louvre wearing Ray-Bans.) But – hello! – it’s 2006, almost 2007, and who is tied down by schedules anymore? You can watch it all on your computer, starting with the pilot, right here. And you can get Alec Baldwin to call anyone you want and leave a personalized holiday message for them here.


It takes one minute . . . and is very annoying if you’re a perfectionist.

Being one of my readers, I’m sure you’ll do well. But if you get all 15 – I didn’t – you have done too well and I really don’t want to know about it.

Another teaser from Brain Posit Fitness, whose newsletter is free, even if its product is pricey. [Full disclosure: I own a sliver.]

Starting January 1, the product, too, is free, or close to free, if Humana happens to be your Medicare provider.


‘Ninety-four percent of world income goes to 40 percent of the population while 60 percent of people live on only six per cent’ – Muhammad Yunus, accepting the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize.


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