Anonymous: “Your idea of ‘Andyday’ sounds like something my 6 year old son would fantasize about. On that notion alone, I will never buy one of your books.”

Geez! You miss writing one rotten column, and people start saying they’ll never read any of your other rotten stuff!

(Sorry, though.)

Tom Sasek: “Will middle-America vote for a Jewish vice-presidential candidate?”

Well, I feel certain they’d vote for a Jewish Fed chairman, and that’s a far more important job.

Senator Lieberman is a very smart, very decent man. And I must admit that when it comes to economics, I am a so-called “new Democrat,” as are he and the Vice President.

Many of you know that the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) is the group that Governor Clinton chaired before becoming President — and that Joe Lieberman currently chairs. When you hear about “practical idealism” or the “third way” politics of Bill Clinton and Al Gore and Tony Blair and the “New Democrats,” this is where it comes from. I tell many of my Republican friends that, now that the Republican leadership has slid off the right edge of the earth, they — my friends — are really DLC Democrats without realizing it.

This is not to knock the more economically liberal wing of the Democratic party. But I think Clinton/Gore have resoundingly shown that you can be practical idealists, favoring investor-friendly, free-market solutions — yet fight for everything from a rise in the minimum wage to the Family and Medical Leave Act to sensible policies on guns and tobacco, to the environment and equal rights.

Barron’s (or was it the Journal?) recently had an interesting little piece about how we shareholders would fare under Bush or Gore. Not that this is any way to pick a president – or that the past can be counted on to repeat. But the market, this article showed, generally does better when the incumbent party’s presidential candidate is reelected than when it is not. I think that could be particularly true if Bush won and felt he had to make good on his much-too-large tax cut instead of “staying the course” we are now on.

I think Senator Lieberman is a terrific choice.


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