From a 2017 speech by Timothy Snyder:

It was a question for Hitler who will the racial inferiors be, who will the slaves be in the German eastern empire? And the answer that he gave, both in “Mein Kampf” and in the second book* and in practice in the invasion of 1941, the answer was “the Ukrainians.”

Only five countries voted against condemning Russia’s atrocity:

Russia (His own national security advisor: “Trump is a Putin-loving moron who . . . complained about all the sanctions his administration put on Russia . . . and did nothing to deter Putin from invading Ukraine.”)

North Korea (He and Kim “literally fell in love” — and now Kim may be capable of vaporizing Mar-a-Lago.)

Belarus and Syria, which Russia basically controls, and Eritrea, future home to a Russian military base.

Anyone can see Putin is lying.  Ukraine is no more led by a Nazi than Hillary ran a child sex ring — but tens of millions of Russians fell under his spell.  He was making Russia great again.

Once spellbound, it becomes really hard to hear the truth.

What’s more, if a leader is scary and vengeful enough — a vicious counterpuncher unrestrained by common decency or the truth — even the rich and powerful who know he’s lying dare not risk his wrath, be they oligarchs or Republicans in Congress.

*This one?



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