He’s gutted the State Department and installed Putin’s guy.  (Trump had never even met Tillerson before coming within 3 million votes of Hillary.  What a coincidence that we’d wind up with the only American Putin awarded the Order of Friendship.)

“Gutting the State Department” doesn’t take long to say — just as “burning the library of Alexandria” is just a few words.  But for so much institutional knowledge needlessly to have been lost?

It is to cry.

Watch Rachel explain.  This is hugely consequential stuff.

And speaking of Trump and Russia . . . the President apparently lied when he denied involvement in softening the Ukraine plank at the Convention.

That’s a separate must-see clip.  Watch!

Oh!  And that giant CIA dump from WikiLeaks which would appear to be a tremendous blow to our national security?

There appears to be exactly one degree of separation between Donald Trump and Julian Assange.  His name is Nigel Farage — sitting with the President at a small dinner a couple of weeks ago, visiting Assange in London Thursday. It comes around 16:30 into this 18-minute clip. 

As he was exiting the Ecuadorian embassy (Assange’s asylum for the past five years), Farage told a reporter he “couldn’t remember” why he’d been there. And White House press secretary Sean Spicer had no clue either (an amusing 60-second clip).  But given Farage’s history with Assange, it was probably not to discuss coffee imports.

WikiLeaks.  I love WikiLeaks!” — Donald Trump October 10th, 2016.

How does this end well?

With millions of new, high-paid jobs created by finally getting Mexico’s boot off our neck?


A Border Tax Could Make Your Next Car Cost $2,500 More

DETROIT — Proposals for a border tax to pay for a wall with Mexico and encourage increased manufacturing in the U.S. would add hundreds to thousands of dollars to the cost of every car and truck sold here, including those assembled in American factories.

There’s even a risk the tax could raise prices and reduce sales so much that the U.S. loses manufacturing jobs, according to the Motor Equipment Manufacturers Association, the umbrella group for several supplier associations representing 1,000 companies. . . .

I know we’re going to win so much we’ll get tired of winning, but so far the winners have been ISIS, whom he’s handed a “blessed” recruiting tool; China, to whom by abandoning the TPA he’s handed leadership in the Pacific region; and Russia, whose journalist-murdering dictator hopes to see Western liberal democracies thrown into disarray.  (“What,” says our President.  You think we don’t kill people?”)

Have a great weekend.



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