. . . because the coup has already begun.

The dictator-ascendant has already announced that the only election outcome he’ll accept as legitimate is his own victory. So he ain’t leaving.

And it just gets scarier from there.

Have you read this Atlantic piece that everyone is talking about?

Tom and Carl are fine with a dictatorship, just as they are with Trump’s masterful handling of the virus (only 203,000 dead so far!), the debt (largest deficits in history!), the economy (massive unemployment!), climate change (a hoax!), the Russia thing (another hoax! the greatest witch hunt in the history of the country, even though every Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee agrees otherwise), the twenty thousand lies, the Access Hollywood tape, the bone spurs, paying someone else to take his SATs,  the bankruptcies, the mob connections, the “losers” and “suckers,” the opinion of Trump’s older sister, the trade wars that have proved so “easy to win” (apologies to the American farmers who’ve committed suicide) . . . they are fine with torch-carrying marchers (many of them “very fine people”), fine with his embrace of journalist-murdering, opposition-leader-poisoning Putin . . . and Putin’s putting bounties on American soldier’s heads . . . fine with journalist-dismembering Mohammed bin Salman . . . I mean, Trump’s just a funny, honest, thoughtful guy, working his tail off not for his own benefit, but, rather, to help America’s average working Joe and Jane who like as not have a pre-existing condition.

Putin is THIS CLOSE to winning the Second Cold War.

We really do need a landslide.

Volunteer!  Contribute!  Recruit poll workers!  Vote!



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