Because, as argued here, we’re we past that: “The dark days are not coming — the dark days are here.”

It’s a story patriots should find 12 minutes to watch, as we lose our democracy to Vladimir Putin.

The set up directly preceding those 12 minutes draws a contrast between Trump and George W. Bush.  Not that W. was so wonderful, either.  But consider:

After a list of pardons was made public days before Bush was to leave office, a staffer discovered that the father of someone on that list had contributed $28,000 to the RNC the previous April.  The contribution was of no use to Bush, who was not running for reelection . . . yet so alarming was the potential perceived impropriety . . . by the standards of 2008 Republicans . . . that Bush’s team jumped through hoops to intercept the document before it could be physically delivered, thus rendering the pardon void.

Contrast that with how Trump — who is running for reelection — is selling pardons.  And doing things — watch the clip — even worse.

Bernie supporters were not happy with yesterday’s post, so I want to reiterate: if he does become our nominee, we must all make sure Bernie wins.

Here’s a short analysis from Axios suggesting that he can.  (“The evidence doesn’t back Democrats’ panic that Bernie can’t win.”)

And here’s a thoughtful piece from David Leonhardt on how he might improve those odds.*

My own happy-gene thought is that if Bernie is president, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will help guide him toward realistic strategies that make welcome progress toward the goals we all share.

* To which I would add: don’t make crazy, inflammatory statements, like attacking Buttegieg for having accepted $2,800 from each of 46 billionaires.  That’s $128,800 out of $80 million Pete has raised.  It’s nothing.  And many of those billionaires are, very likely, progressives who think, as Bernie does, their taxes should be higher; drug price should be lower.  And if billionaires are all evil, to be demonized, how about millionaires?  Where do you draw the line?  At some point, I think, it would enhance Bernie’s chances to lighten up a little.



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