It’s true!

Fox News political analyst Juan Williams:

Biden may be Comeback Kid of midterms

. . . The more I watch Biden, the more I agree that Democrats have a chance in the midterms. It starts with party messaging that defines Biden as the right man to lead the nation at this moment: a can-do pragmatist successfully handling Russia, COVID-19, jobs, and inflation.

By November, President Biden may be the latest Comeback Kid.

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The difference between Russian oligarchs and American oligarchs.


The trucker convoy is frustrating satirists.

Granted, making fun of them will only make the truckers more angry and frustrated.

So: don’t forward this to truckers.

Yet somehow we have to get the folks who see their “freedom slipping away” to understand that most of us — maybe even most of them — are glad we have Medicare and Social Security, even though both were once decried as socialism.  Glad we have public schools and “freeways” — socialist, both — even though these are paid for with taxes.  Glad we have meat inspectors and (in most places) clean air and safe drinking water, even though these require regulation.  Glad their kids are safe from polio and small pox even though it took vaccine mandates to do it.  Glad people are free to marry the person they love, even if of a different race or the same sex.  Isn’t that more freedom?

Perhaps the most marked place freedom is threatened is where government proposes to force women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, assuming control over their bodies.

Even in the case of rape or incest.

Albeit this freedom is denied only to those too poor to travel.


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