Arriving at some venue only to encounter Inspector Clouseau, one of his suspects asks: “How is it that you are here?”

The good Inspector replies, “Because I am following yeu.”

Suspect: “But Inspector, you got here first!”

Clouseau, after a moment’s consideration (and unaccountably missing from these 485 memorable Clouseau lines): “I am following yeu . . . very fast.”

All of which is to say, in more than 140 characters and with considerable trepidation: You can follow me now on twitter @AndrewTobias.


Some are saying defense spending has been reduced to historic lows, as a percentage of the budget. Yet this from the libertarian Cato Institute shows that, adjusted for inflation, defense outlays are way higher than they were during Vietnam and at the height of the Cold War. It’s time to rein them in (me speaking here) and invest some of that money in strengthening our infrastructure, which – along with the prosperity that a domestic Marshall Plan would bring – is another way to enhance national security.


Catherine: “I have to say I too am getting tired of gay people being blamed for the downfall of marriage. I was listening to NPR last night and some candidate was talking about the welfare of children and that it is best that a child has a mother and a father. Well I had a mother and a father and father was alcoholic and a pedophile, so personally I would much rather have had two gay dads or moms. I think I would’ve been much safer. There are so many people that are not safe in their own heterosexual homes . . . The other thing that bothered me was how we use language, or phrases. One person on NPR was talking about the State of Washington raising the minimum wage and how that was a financial burden to small business owners. While I appreciate the plight of the small business owner, why is no one talking about the financial burden on the person making minimum wage? . . . Finally, re your occasional tips for “Cooking Like a Guy” – I finally figured out that I don’t have to mix an entire frozen juice can – I can open the can, spoon out what I need for one glass of juice, put the lid back on and put the can back in the freezer. I like to think I’m brilliant!”

☞ Brilliant for sure.

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