I would quibble with some of the criteria used in these rankings, but it is a global report card worth pondering.  At root, much of our diminished standing stems from the gaping way that inequality here has widened over the past four decades.

That’s one reason we should be encouraged that the IRS is finally being funded to ensure greater compliance among wealthy individuals and corporations . . . which will provide more revenue to do things like reduce the cost of health care for ordinary Americans. Likewise, the 15% global minimum corporate tax the Biden administration has negotiated.  Likewise, modest student debt relief funded by a slight shift of resources from the plutocracy.  Likewise, the higher minimum wage.

Democrats support all these things; Republicans oppose them — even oppose an end to price gouging of diabetics.  But that’s what makes horse races.  And why my money, and vote, are on the Democrats 45 days from now.

And do you know who’s optimistic?  Michael Moore, here on Bill Maher.  Four minutes that will put wind in your sails.


George Will’s perfect column: Why Mastriano’s candidacy presents a special danger to the nation.  “His motives are frightening because they are pure: He has the scary sincerity of the unhinged whose delusions armor them against evidence.”


I’ve raised this specter before.  Here it is again, in The Hill: House Speaker Trump? It’s Not As Far-Fetched As You Think.

All we need to keep it from happening is to win.

Have you joined your local chapter of the League of Women Voters?  Joined Field Team 6? Joined Vote Forward? Done all you can to fund the organizing effort?

Six more ideas:

NextGen America: Register and engage young voters.

Midterm Madness: Get involved in local and state-wide races.

Swing Left: Attend a Volunteer Orientation.

Sister District: Help win state legislative races.

Power the Polls: Become a poll worker to help elections run smoothly.

Protect the Vote: Serve as a nonpartisan Election Protection volunteer.

Have a great weekend!



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