This is not the Republican who dresses up like a Nazi . . . or the Republican who mocks Justice Sotomayor’s name (and calls Secretary Chu “Secretary Chow Mein”) . . . or the one who says she’d be honest with Hitler if she were hiding Jews in the attic but lied about her educational record. No, this is the Republican running to be Governor of Florida. Sure, the clips are spliced together without full context. But if you prefer, by all means download the unedited two-hour deposition here.


Carl Silkett: “Wow! I finally got around to watching the clips of the extended Daily Show interview as you suggested a while back, and I was blown away! What a shame that the rest of America is not hearing the story told that way!” [Watch for yourself! – A.T.] As much as I hate to say it, I’m afraid that I’m back to the point where I think it is hopeless, and that maybe the best option is to move to Canada or Australia or something. It’s really frustrating, and yet I really can’t bring myself to blame Obama or anyone else on the Democratic side. When our Supreme Court turned the election financing over to the corporations, that doomed us ultimately to Third World status, I’m quite sure. Sorry, but despite the emails and phone calls from the DNC, I just can’t bring myself to try to contribute enough compete against the major corporations!”

☞ The DNC is actually out-raising the RNC, even though we don’t take federal PAC or lobbyist money and they do. But you’re right: unless and until one of “our” billionaires rides to the rescue, the right-wing donors anonymously funding their effort are outspending labor unions and progressive donors seven or ten to one.

Still, it is hardly “hopeless.” We have a lot going for us. The two top things are the issues (a lot of people don’t see going backwards as the solution to our problems; don’t want to borrow $700 billion over 10 years to extend the Bush tax cuts on income over $250,000) – and you . . . and millions of others . . . who can employ the OFA tools (or this app, if you have an iPhone) to knock on neighbor’s doors, make calls, and in other ways help turn out the vote.

I think we may do better than people expect. Join the effort!


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