This is no time to be shy. I’m offering you a chance to visit yourself upon 41 million households. You’ll get calls from people you haven’t seen since high school! You could get modeling offers, movie deals, marriage proposals.

And how will all this happen?

I’m doing a story on credit cards for PARADE, the Sunday supplement that appears in newspapers throughout the country, and I need some real people (not to say average people: you are way above average) to bring it to life.

So would you do me a favor?

  1. E-mail me your own credit card story … even if it’s bland. When did you get your first, how do you use them now, what’s your philosophy about them, how many do you have, did you ever have/overcome a problem with them … whatever. I’ll assume that if you e-mail me, I can use your name and where you’re from (so please let me know your full name and where you’re from) unless you indicate otherwise. It would help also to know your age and occupation.
  • Note: I’m not just looking for unusual stories. I need some very run-of-the-mill, typical examples, too. So just because you don’t have 48 cards, or never started a $100 million business by borrowing to the max against your Visa card, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a great help to me to have you respond. (But if you do have 48 cards, I’ll naturally want to hear that, too.)
  1. Let me know if you’d be willing to have PARADE use your photo with the story. They have good photographers. You’d look great.

Thanks for your help!



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