Did you know you can use Colgate toothpaste to remove scuffs from shoes and tar from bare feet? Or to do emergency spackling?

Did you know you can use Coca Cola to de-rust your chrome car bumper?

Downy Fabric Softener to eliminate the static-electricity shocks you get from carpets?

And that’s just the D’s.

It was my pal Alan Rogowsky who alerted me to this questionable trove. He needs to get out more.

But for those of you who would consider spreading Dannon yogurt over your faces to improve your complexions, or lining plant pots with a Mr. Coffee Filter to prevent soil from leaking through the drainage holes — or sewing tennis balls inside a pocket on the backs of your pajama tops to prevent you from sleeping on your back (and, thus, snoring) — Alan writes: “Click here. I need to get out more.”


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