Are you registered to vote today? If not, choose one:

[ ] I am not an American citizen.

[ ] I am too young to vote.

[ ] I am embarrassed.

Sorry: there are no other choices.

Seriously. People have laid down their lives to win the right to vote. Yet some of my friends don’t register for fear the might be called to jury duty?

Don’t leave democracy up to someone else. That person might not be as nice as you. It’s an old, old notion, but ultimately true: If we take our freedom and prosperity for granted, we will surely lose them.

Register! In some states, you can do it right on the spot, I think. Click here and select your state to find out how to register. Even if it’s too late to be eligible to vote today, taking care of this now, while you think of it, will give you a head start on next year.

Vote! If you have no idea whom you favor in an off-year like this, check the editorial page of a newspaper you respect. Or just vote straight Democrat (he grinned).


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