Rachel Maddow video-lists the record of the Democrats so far, here. If you are a consumer, an investor, an environmentalist, a student, a parent, a patient, a senior, a credit card holder, a woman, a veteran, or gay, it’s been a pretty good 21 months.

(To all my LGBT friends who believe we should have gotten way more than all this: you’re right. But the primary obstacle has been the Republican Party that votes against it all.)

Watch the segment and then go out and vote.


David Stockman, President Reagan’s budget director, says all the Bush tax cuts should be eliminated – even those on the middle class. And he says his own Republican Party has gone too far with its anti-tax religion. “It’s rank demagoguery,” he told 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl. “We should call it for what it is. If these people were all put into a room on penalty of death to come up with how much they could cut, they couldn’t come up with $50 billion, when the problem is $1.3 trillion. So, to stand before the public and rub raw this anti-tax sentiment, the Republican Party, as much as it pains me to say this, should be ashamed of themselves.

Watch the segment and then go out and vote.

Tomorrow, or soon: another speculative biotech basket. (But only if you vote the right way.)


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