But first . . .

Two minutes from a lifelong Republican.  Powerful.

One minute on The Law And Order President.

And now . . .

Jim Burt: “Happy Bastille Day!  A good day to remember that without the help of French loans, French troops, French munitions, and the French navy the American Revolution would have been strangled in its crib.  Most Americans will likely recognize the name Lafayette, but he was only one of the thousands of French soldiers who served alongside Americans, and who outnumbered the Americans at Yorktown, where the French fleet prevented the escape of Cornwallis’s army, directly leading to its surrender, the climax (though not the end) of the American Revolution.”

→ The same Lafayette after whom was named the site of recent peaceful protest, violently disbursed so Trump could walk through for his upside-down Bible photo-op.

So, finally . . . this.

Arguably the greatest two minutes in the history of cinema.

Vive La France!



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