Patrick Lines: “I have secured a copy of MYM 12.0 from a used software vendor — — so I should now be good to go!”

A used software vendor? Who knew? Does this mean you can actually SELL some of that worthless old software you’ve got sitting up in the attic? Check it out.

I do know that you’d be nuts to start with MYM 12.0 — Managing Your Money — the terrific DOS program I still use. That would be like being asked at birth which language you want to know by the age of 5 — English or Hungarian — and choosing Hungarian. But if you already speak Hungarian, and if your entire library of Hungarian books had been lost in a fire, well, this analogy is getting pretty tortured, but you know what I mean.

I just bought a used copy of Excel 5.0 for $39. How bad can that be versus $260 for the newer version?


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