Becomes the first country to legalize marijuana (with sensible restrictions).  Here.  “Uruguay’s leftist president, Jose Mujica, defends his initiative as a bid to regulate and tax a market that already exists but is run by criminals.  ‘We’ve given this market as a gift to the drug traffickers and that is more destructive socially than the drug itself, because it rots the whole of society,’ the 78-year-old former guerrilla fighter told Argentine news agency Telam.”  (The same article notes that “Decriminalization of all drug possession by Portugal in 2001 is held up as a success for reducing drug violence while not increasing drug use.”)


Has just recriminalized its 100 million or so LGBT citizens, pending Parliamentary review that few expect to happen any time soon.  Here.  In a way, you have to thank the British Empire for this (though certainly not today’s Brits) — it’s a holdover from the 19th Century throughout much of the world.


Dick Theriault:  “Thank you over and over for the Mandela flash mob! Glorious, just glorious. What voices, what harmony!  And in recompense, in case you’ve missed it, here is a similar uplifter: Amazing Oasis: Best coin ever spent.  Have a wonderful holiday season.”



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