Today is President’s Day.


A dynamic infographic from the New York Times – interesting to play with. (Better still if for each item one could right-click for a general description of what the money is spent on and why/how it is being increased or decreased.)


One hesitates to recommend a TV show based on how good it’s been in the past – what if the next one, that your readers first watch, fails to make the same grade? – but if you have a TiVo or a DVR, for heaven’s sake set it to record UP With Chris Hayes on MSNBC every Saturday and Sunday morning. It is perhaps the smartest, most substantive thing around. If you don’t record it, you’ll actually have to get up at eight to watch it (and be interrupted by commercials) which is, obviously, ridiculous.*

*Or I guess you can watch specific segments, like this Occupy Wall Street segment, directly on the UP website.


While we’re setting our DVRs . . . I meant to tip you to last night’s debut of My Grandmother’s Ravioli. I don’t get the cooking channel myself, so I haven’t seen it. (I cook Like A Guy™.) Indeed, my microwave digital touch pad now recognizes only “7,” which limits me to dishes that can be prepared in either 7, 77, or 777 seconds (the latter, for a full roasted pig) or any of those cook times at a power level of 7 (which actually makes almost anything possible). Not having seen the show or tried any of its (or any other show’s) recipes, I can’t say for certain you’ll become a fan. But if you liked Mo Rocca on the SuperBowl, how can you not like his grandmother’s ravioli?


Denying who you are is not healthy. I had not known this about Whitney Houston. Sad.


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