From Matt Ball, who always sends me the best stuff:  “To cheer you up.


Our planet in context.  Let’s not muck it up.


My friend continues:

Many of the foreign electoral observers, plus the USA, EU, Spain, France, England, Chile, Columbia etc etc have all encouraged a recount.  The USA was one among many, and not particularly emphatic that I saw.  Acting President Maduro responded by brazenly threatening to expropriate Spanish companies plus take various diplomatic and commercial measures against other countries.

More ironies of life:

The head of the electoral commission is strongly refusing to recount the votes, which is of course increasing the suspicion of fraud, and she has cited Bush v Gore in 2000 as an example of a close election where a recount was not needed. (At that time, the populist Chavez government correctly lambasted the USA for its democratic failings.)

Acting President Maduro was a leftist student radical in his youth, known for his confrontational style at demonstrations.  Yesterday, he warned the thousands and thousands of students demonstrating for a recount all across the country that he would respond with the full power of the state if necessary.


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