Roy Gilbert: ‘You may be interested in the latest addition to the Google labs: It’s like the toolbar, but you don’t have to open your browser to use it.’


John Mandeville: ‘Did you know there is a larger percentage of lefties in the scientific community than there is in the overall population? I am a retired engineer and it was not unusual to have 3 or 4 of us in a meeting of 5 engineers. Remember when Clinton, Bush, and Perot ran for president…..all left handed.’


Alex: ‘Broccoli is just as radioactive as bananas.’

Bill Baron:Here‘s a link to put the banana radioactivity risk in perspective. It shows that living in Denver exposes you to about 14 times more radiation than eating a banana every day. So you can keep feeding that contented little chimp within.’


Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election airs on the Sundance Channel over the next week. It’s so hot it’s radioactive. The scandal is that it has not aired more widely, and long ago. Could this be part of the same climate that led CBS to drop the Reagan documentary?

It’s worth your taking the time to figure out where the Sundance Channel is on your cable line-up – most cable systems carry it – and taping it, in case you decide you want to show friends. It airs:

> Saturday afternoon Nov 8, 1:15 PM
> Sunday afternoon Nov 16, 12 noon
> Wednesday evening Nov 19, 9 PM
> Friday evening, Nov 21, 12:45 AM (technically, Saturday morning)

Watch it tomorrow, and if you think it’s important, pass the rest of the schedule on to your list.

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