I loved the idea of starting Daylight Savings Time three weeks early, but now some unforeseen effects are starting to be felt.

For one thing, all this extra daylight is heating up the Earth (it being hotter when the sun is out). Uh, oh.

For another, the nightly news now broadcasts in the daylight, when, if any television is watched at all, it’s Ellen, Oprah, and opera. (Soap opera.) The already dwindling audience for the nightly news has dwindled even further, rendering the citizenry even less well informed. The percentage of voters who believe Iraq attacked us on 9/11 is creeping back up. Uh, oh.

But mainly, with everything pushed ahead an hour, some things will inevitably be pushed a head a full day — like today’s column, which will appear tomorrow. Set your clocks accordingly if Microsoft has not already done so for you.

Until then.


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