We first bought this tiny domestic oil and gas exploration company at $4.50 four years ago. It closed last night at $14.72 (having touched $15.30 mid-day). I’m holding mine, but I want you to sell a third of yours so that from now on ‘you’re playing with house money.’ If only I had had the sense to suggest the same with FMD ($13.26 last night) when it hit $56.


Not a stock, a berry. I don’t own any Bolthouse Farms (a private company?) but I sure drink a lot of their juice. The ‘vedge’ variety is great – a cross between tomato and V8. The two new acai varieties, one with pomegranate and one with mangosteen, are terrific. I don’t see those two on the Bolthouse website, so maybe they’re still in test markets only. But if you find them, try them. (Like a guy: straight out of the container.)


How sad to see democracy snuffed out in Russia. Frontline tells the story. If you have 21 minutes, take a look. If nothing else, it reminds us never to take our freedom of speech, or of the press, for granted. And to be fearful of the decline in hard-hitting journalism. Where was our press these past seven years?


There was so much I thought he was wrong about; but what a man he was. Frighteningly intellectual, prolific, consequential, mischievous – and gracious. Father to a wonderful son. And a eulogist at the funeral a quarter century ago of Al Lowenstein, who was as brilliantly liberal as Buckley was brilliantly conservative . . . a eulogy that spoke well of them both. May he rest in peace.

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