1. You know how all the stuff you’re getting these days comes with a power converter? The reasons for that are beyond me — the only thing that amazes me more than electricity is the way radio waves can travel through walls — but the practical problem is that power converters are too fat to fit in our power strips. You’ve got a 5-plug power strip, but room for just two or three plug-ins, no matter how you try to arrange them. (‘What if you put the big one there, Sweetie?’ ‘No, Honey, that doesn’t work either.’) Seriously: I’ve been thinking about this a lot. (Someone has to. I’m also working on getting the Post Office to accept your old first-class stamps even after they go up a penny.) Well, what do I find at Costco this weekend but power strips specifically designed for this problem – ‘includes two extra-wide positions for power converters.’ Adam Smith, shake invisible hands with whoever invented the fat power converter.

2.However the Supreme Court rules, we will all accept it. Grumbling, some of us, depending on the outcome — but we will accept it.


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