Earlier today I posted about ETRM and SIGA, in case you own either.

This is tomorrow’s post a day early to give you extra time to read something great that everyone else is reading and talking about: New Yorker editor David Remnick’s profile of the President.

My friend Peggy Noonan found a way to be . . . troubled . . . by it.  But I guess one’s view depends on one’s lenses.  Through mine, our President is amazing.  Brilliant, steady, far-sighted, loving, decent, disciplined, and completely dedicated to making things better.  As I see it, he has accomplished a tremendous amount in the face of unprecedented opposition.

Only 40% or so of those polled these days approve of the job he’s doing.  But that’s roughly the same number who believe humans are causing climate change.

Well — spoiler alert! — humans are causing climate change.  (And as Nick Kristof points out in this other must-read, we’d really, really, really better start paying attention.)  So I think history will ultimately come down on the side of the 40%, not the side of Rush Limbaugh, Roger Ailes, Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin (the list goes on and on) . . . or the various climate-change deniers who chair the House “Science” Committee and its subcommittees.

I hope that between today’s holiday and tomorrow you get a chance to read both.  There will be no quiz, but you can be sure they’ll both show up on the final.

See you Wednesday.


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