Listen to the Republican laughter and applause in this 34-second clip, mocking a presidential candidate as ‘a faggot.’ (She followed Mitt Romney – all this on CSPAN – who said, ‘I’m happy to learn also that after you hear me, you’re going to hear from Ann Coulter. That is a good thing.’)


In contrast, consider Eric Alva’s story. He gave 13 years of his life and part of his right leg in service to his country, the first marine to be wounded in Iraq. (And gay.)


What a good movie. Based on a true story – my favorite kind.


I went to this one having no idea what it was. It’s so rare you get to experience movies that way any more. So I won’t tell you, either, in case you’d like to experience it the same way. But it, too, is based on a true – utterly compelling – story. Wonderful.


Elliot Raphaelson: ‘I am not a conservative, but I recommend that you read America Alone, by Mark Steyn. He is a conservative but one who makes sense. He has made me think differently about a lot of issues.’

☞ I’m for thinking. At least in moderation.


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