As noted last year, the easiest way to cook corn — if it’s really sweet and fresh — is not to.  Just shuck and eat.  No cooking at all!  But here’s a no-shuck method that involves a microwave — 22 seconds to watch.


While it’s cooking, listen to this.


Is there anything better than summer?


To me, it’s a matter of (a) genetics (I inherited the happy gene); (b) having love in your life (obviously) and (c) direction — not amount.  I’ve long argued that if you had two families — one earning $25,000 a year but somehow knowing it was headed up to $75,000, the other earning $400,000 a year but somehow knowing it was heading down to $175,000 — the family earning $25,000 would likely be happier than the one earning $400,000 . . . even though it will never be nearly as affluent.  Why?  Because things are looking up!  So much to look forward to!  Corollary: A luxury once sampled becomes a necessity.  Pace yourself.  If you find yourself at a young age with a windfall that would allow you to live large — don’t.  Live small, saving the rest, so you always have something to look forward to; always have a cushion of financial security; and never have to worry about having to move from the condo with a great view a smaller one in the back on the first floor.

That’s everything I know about happiness (a really good locally grown tomato with salt and pepper will also do the trick this time of year) and it comes to mind after reading Arthur Brooks’ more nuanced analysis in the New York Times — Love People, Not Pleasure.



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