Listen to Al Franken and economist Austan Goolsbee.  An hour of sanity and humor that reminds us, once again, what a tragic over-reaction it was to force Al out of the Senate.

Dark scenarios can all too plausibly flow from our current circumstances.  Read Fareed Zakaria.  (Want even bleaker? Umair Haque.)

But it’s also possible a pill will come along that gives us time to up our game.

Once something works, everything changes.

From an investment point of view, I don’t see such a happy development sending the Dow back to February’s 29,522 any time soon.  But who cares where the Dow is, if we can emerge from all this and hug each other, smarter than before?  Seriously chastened, we could pull together to confront future pandemics, climate change, creeping authoritarianism . . . and the other mega-challenges the future holds.

Maybe we’ll move toward universal health care.  Higher corporate taxes.  Higher estate taxes on billionheirs.

Maybe we’ll borrow trillions not to pay people to stay at home because, in contrast to South Korea, we failed to halt the virus; but, rather, to revitalize our crumbling infrastructure.  “Make America great again.”



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