Had Democrats warned of catastrophe in 2000 and 2004 – “if Bush is elected, he will lead us into needless war! we will face financial collapse and depression!” – we’d have been (rightly, I think) embarrassed for being too shrill. Never mind that the result of those elections was needless war and barely averted financial collapse and depression. No?

Well, in these must-watch four-minutes Wednesday, Jon Stewart aired the apocalyptic Republican predictions – offered as certainties – as to what would happen if Obama were elected in 2008 . . . (he was; none of them came true; quite the opposite) . . . followed by the apocalyptic predictions – again offered as certainties – they are making about his reelection now.

Funny and telling. Devastating, really. Send it to friends who watch Fox.

And then send them the must-watch seven-minute interview with Reagan economist Bruce Bartlett that ended the show. Bartlett worked in the Bush-41 Treasury Department and served on the staff of Congressman Ron Paul. His new book is praised by The American Conservative, The Economist, and The Financial Times.

These two clips – and the time it will take you to forward them – will gobble 15 minutes. But a lot is at stake here. They’re worth the time.


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