First, a coupla films that may be of interest, one old, one new.

The old one: In 1991, my friend Jesse Kornbluth wrote a 70-minute documentary called “Trump: What’s The Deal,” that Leonard Stern paid for. Trump killed it. It’s just back, now on iTunes, and getting some traction.  Watch the trailer and, if it interests you, the movie.

The new one: The Making Of Donald Trump.

Now that he’s won the nomination and people are coming to terms with it, it seems to me they are liking it even less. Buyer’s remorse?

(And how interesting he’d recruit an ex-Goldman Sachs guy to chair his finance committee . . . and that this guy who can’t be bought, who’s self-financing, has seemingly only loaned his campaign the money spent to date, which now may well be paid back from big-dollar campaign contributions.)

He’s recently floated the possibility he’d shrink our National Debt by buying in United States Treasury obligations — that “full faith and credit” stuff the world relies on — for fewer than 100 cents on the dollar.  Kind of like Greece.  That could trigger global financial collapse, which could trigger the kind of depressions that sometimes lead to trade wars and world wars.  But never mind that: Hispanics love him, and he will defeat ISIS in a matter of months.  He’s long had a plan to do that.  He won’t reveal the plan to the voters lest he tip off ISIS; and he won’t share it with the Secretary of Defense, because — though more patriotic than anyone who’s ever run for president, and also in better health, and richer and smarter — he doesn’t want to defeat ISIS unless and he’s President.  He also won’t release his tax returns because he’s being audited.  (What possible difference does it make that he’s being audited? That has zero bearing on his ability to release them or the results of the audit.)

Everyone assumes Trump will be the nominee, and, yes, he probably will.  But it’s so nuts — so wildly irresponsible — I’m still not sure the Republican Party will permit it.

If you want to take a flyer on the possibility that it won’t, “brokered convention futures,” as it were, can be had over at PredictIt at 8 cents on the dollar.  I’m not buying any.  But if they trade down to 2 cents I might.

Really: can they possibly run this man as their standard bearer?

Watch a movie or two and you decide.



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